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Practising Yoga

New to Phoenix Yoga or Online Classes?

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In-Studio or Online, here’s how it works:

Your first class costs only $5.00. Sign up using the registration form below.


You will need the following for your class: a yoga mat, a yoga strap, and 2 yoga blocks. We also recommend bringing a yoga blanket. We ask that you have your own equipment (for health reasons). Find your own online HERE or purchase a mat and props from us in person at our Studio Shoppe. We carry high quality equipment from suppliers who are committed to equitable and sustainable sourcing and manufacturing. 

SCHEDULING CLASSES - Registration, Waiver Form & Online Class Access

We use the Mindbody online platform for you to schedule your classes (virtual and in-studio), access special pricing for classes, purchase individual classes and membership packages, purchase gift cards and to register for workshops and special events.



Please use the form below to register with Mindbody.

You will create your own log-in and password, receive a confirmation email, and then will be able to access your Phoenix Yoga Mindbody account and register for the classes you want to take.*


NOTE: This form is required for participation before your first class.



If you plan to join us for our virtual classes, please register for each class on Mindbody at least one hour prior to the class start time, then take the following steps:


NOTE: We use Zoom to connect with you for our livestreaming online classes. You will need to load this program onto your computer or phone to see our instructors and participate in the class.

1) Load Zoom onto your computer or phone (click on the Zoom icon below and follow the "Sign Up" link on the Zoom website) and test it at least an hour before your class starts to make sure it is working. If you are registered for a virtual (online) class, we will send you a link to your Zoom session approximately 30 minutes before your class starts. 

2) Once you receive the link from Phoenix Yoga, click on it and follow the instructions to access the class. You may see a message that you are in a waiting room and that the Host of the session will let you in shortly.


3) When you first come online you will have a chance to visit with your instuctor and fellow students until class begins.

4) Also, make sure your speaker volume is turned up so you can hear your instructor.

5) We currently use Spotify and Apple Music playlists for your new online yoga experience. Register for free trial accounts by clicking the Spotify and Apple icons below.

*If you want to access your Mindbody account on your iPhone or Android device, pull up this site on your phone or tablet and click on the icon below to download the Mindbody app.

Mindbody App logo WHITE.png

CLICK icons below to download Apple Music, Zoom and Spotify on your phone, tablet or computer.

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ZOOM over white.png
Spotify logo Green on White.png

If at any time you have a question, please contact us by calling 440-471-4749, via email at or by using our Contact Form. We look forward to seeing you soon and supporting you in your ongoing journey toward health and well-being!

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